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You only have to contact Cinzia Malgeri, your Personal Chef, and you will enjoy a perfect service directly at your home, just like a real restaurant, inside your kitchen. We’ll prepare very imaginative menus with a wide repertoire. Our cuisine style is healthy, organic and low fat. Our culinary dishes are mostly from our region and we are sure that they will satisfy your palate in an unforgettable way. You can decide the menu or, thanks to our wide experience, we can suggest it as well. Relax and let us do everything for you while you are comfortable at home!
Of course you can choose a theme dinner if you like!

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When we talk about wine we should close our eyes and “fly with” our imagination go to the most beautiful region of Italy which is Tuscany. Why? Because Tuscany has amazing breathtaking landscapes covered by olive groves, rolling hills full of vineyards and its typical sceneries are rich in nature, villas, farmhouses and especially wineries. Thanks to all this, Tuscany, with its Chianti area, produces the finest wines in Italy which are recognized worldwide, achieving, at the same time, worldwide popularity. Our Chianti wine obtained the DOC recognition in 1967 and the DOCG qualification in 1984 because the Chianti area is the most renowned production area in Tuscany for the tradition and the quality of its wines.
Now that you are in Tuscany, you cannot go back home without experiencing a wine tour where a local expert guide will take you around showing you the vineyards, wineries and cellars while giving you a full explanation of the winemaking process. Of course, this is followed by the wine tasting often combined with the local farm products and specialties that will delight your refined palate.
As you already know among our prestigious labels you find the Chianti Classico DOCG, Rosso di Montepulciano, Vernaccia di San Gimignano, Brunello di Montalcino, Vino Nobile di Montepulciano, Pourriture Noble, Bogheri DOC, Montecarlo DOC, Biancodi Pitigiano DOC, etc and each one of them with its own taste and flavor.


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Wine Tours Tuscany
Wine Tour


"Wine School" proposed and offered by Cinzia.
We give our customers the opportunity to attend a "Wine School" during their dinner at no extra cost, and without any commitment in buying the product.
This cooking school will be performed by one of the most famous Tuscan wineries. During the Wine School it will be imparted the teaching basics to the wine tasting.

Menu "à la carte"

(Bruschette miste)
(Pecorini di Pienza miele o marmellate) - Fantasy of pecorini from Pienza with honey and jam
(Carpaccio con pomodorini finocchio e carote filangè) - Carpaccio with cherry tomatoes fennel and carrots filangè
(Salumi misti di cinta senese) - Cured salami from Cinta senese
(Insalata di farro) - Spelt salad
(Frittate varie vegetali) - Omelette with vegetables
(Torte salate con porcini stracchino/ricotta spinaci) - Tasy pies with porcini mushrooms and stracchino cheese/ricotta cheese and spinach
(Pizza vari gusti) - Pizza various
(Panzanella) - Tuscan bread salad
(Prosciutto crudo e melone) - Tuscan ham with melon
(Finocchiona e fichi) - Cured salami typical with fennel sids and fig
(Pomodori ripieni) - Stuffed tomatoes
(Cetriolo pecorino pepe nero) - Cucumber with pecorino and black pepper
(Indivia con lardo di Colonnata e rosmarino fresco) - Indivia salad with Colonnata lard and fresh rosmary
(Insalata con gamberi arance) - Salad with prawns and oranges
(Insalata di finocchi pinoli radicchio pompelmo parmigiano) - Fennel salad with pine nuts radich grape fruit and parmesan cheese
(Insalata con patate novelle rigatino e pistacchi) - Nouvelle potatoes tuscan bacon and pistakio
(Insalata croccante con formaggi affumicati) - Crispy salad with smoked cheeses
(Coni di bresaola con formaggio caprino origano su letto di rucolacon vinagrette di balsamico a cipolla fresca) - Roll dry beef with goat cheese oregano,arugula and vinagrette with fresh onions and balsamic vinegar
(Insalata di finocchio con formaggio alle noci e speck) - Fennel salad with nut cheeses and smoked ham
(Insalalata di ravanelli fagiolini verdi e bottarga) - Radishes salad with green beens and bottarga(Fish eggs)
(Polenta con sauteèd di gamberi) - Polenta with sauteèd shrimp
(Millefoglie di capesante caramellate) - Millefeuille caramelized scallops
(Flan di carote con nocciole e cipolle caramellizate) - Carrots flan with hazelnuts shaves topped with caramelized onions
(Cestini di indivia con formaggio fresco e noci) - Basket of salad with fresh cheese and nut
(Fiori di zucchini fritti ripieni) - Fried zukini flowers stuffed with mozzarella cheese
(Cestini di parmigiano con finocchio arance fragole e scaglie di parmigiano) - Basket of parmesan cheese fennel orange strawberry and parmesan shaves
Frantoiana soup
Farmer's soup
Farro soup
Pasta and chickpea soup
Pasta and borlotti bean soup
Tuscan onions soup
Colonnata lard soup
Tuscan soup with recuced balsamic vinegar
(Pasta al ragù toscano) Penne pasta with meat sauce (Tuscan style)
(Tagliolini con salsa di limone) - Tagliolini with lemon sauce
(Linguine con zucchini pinoli e zafferano) - Linguine pasta with zukini pine nuts and saffron
(Spaghetti con pomodorini basilico e aglio) - Spaghetti pasta with baby tomatoes fresh basil and garlic
(Trofie con pesto pomodorini e olive) - Trofie pasta with pesto baby tomatoes and olives
(Risotto zucchine e tartufo) - Risotto with zukini and truffle
(Risotto con funghi porcini) - Risotto with porcini mushrooms
(Risotto con carciofi e mandorle tostate) - Risotto with artichokies and tosted almonds
(Risotto alle fragole con prosecco e balsamico) - Risotto with strawberry prosecco and dropped balsamico)
(Risotto con pere e pecorino di Pienza) - Risotto with pears and pecorino from Pienza
(Risotto cioccolato e peperoncino) - Risotto with chocolate and hot chilly peppers)
(Risotto cioccolato e pere) - Risotto with chocolate and pears
(Risotto zafferano fiori di zucca e foglia d'oro 18kt) - Saffron risotto with gold leaf 18kt
(Risotto al chianti e pecorino di fossa) - Chianti risotto with pecorino di fossa
(Risotto con crema di asparagi e pinoli) - Risotto with asparagus cream and pine nuts
(Penne al chianti con scaglie di grana) - Penne pasta with chianti wine and parmesan cheese shaves
(Gnocchi verdi con crema di noci) - Green gnocchi(Potatoes ball) with nut cream
(Gnocchi con speck e zucchine) - Gnocchi with smoked ham and zukini
(Gnocchi con burrata) - Gnocchi with burrata cheese
(Spaghetti aglio olio peperoncino) - Spaghetti pasta with extra virgin oil garlic and fresh hot chilly peppers
(Pappardelle con mascarpone e grana) - Pappardelle pasta with mascarpone cheese and parmesan cheese
(Gnudi con burro e salvia) - Ball of ricotta cheese and spinach with butter fresh sage and parmesan cheese
(Pasta alla lucchese con ragù spinaci e ricotta) - Pasta from Lucca with bolognese sauce spinach and ricotta cheese
(Ravioli all'ortica) - Nettle ravioli with nut cream
(Ravioli di branzino con salsa agli agrumi) - Ravioli of sea bass with citrus sauce
(Lasagne alla Toscana) - Tuscan lasagne
(Lasagne con verdure miste) - Vegetarian lasagne
(Lasagne al pesto) - Lasagne with pesto
(Crespelle ricotta e spinaci) - Stuffed pasta with ricotta cheese and spinach
(Crespelle al salmone) - Stuffed pasta with saumon
(Crespelle ai carciofi) - Stuffed pasta with artichokies
(Crespelle agli asparagi) - Stuffed pasta with asparagus
(Tortellini in brodo) - Tortellini in broth
(Tortellini porcini e panna) - Tortellini with porcini mushrooms and cream)
(Pollo alla cacciatora) - Chicken with garden herbs
(Petto di pollo con rucola e balsamico) - ChicKen breast with arugula and balsamic reduction
(Pollo ripieno) - Stuffed chicken
(Pollo arrosto con patate) - Chicken baked in the owen with potatoes
(Tacchino al latte e profumi dell'orto) - Turkey with milk reduction with garden herbs
(Tacchino ripieno con castagne) - Stuffed turkey with chestnut
(Tacchino ripieno con prugne e noci) - Stuffed turkey with prunes and nut
(Scaloppine al vino bianco) - Viel scallops in withe wine
(Scaloppine con funghi porcini) - Viel scallops with porcini mushrooms
(Scaloppine agli asparagi) - Viel scallops with asparagus
(Peposo) - Tuscan meat stew with red chianti wine and peppers
(Cotolette impanate) - Meat scallops breaded
(Straccetti rucola e parmigiano) - Meat streaps with arugula and shaved parmesan cheese
(Tasca di bovino con carote pistacchi uova sode prosciutto cotto sedano) - Prime cut beef stuffed with carrots hard boiled eggs ham and celery
(Manzo al chianti e uva bianca) - Prime cut beef with withe grapes
(Fiorentina) - Florentin steack
(Arista arrosto con patate) - Tuscan roast pork with potatoes
(Arista al latte) - Prime cut pork with milk reduction and garden herbs
(Rosticciana con olive) - Spare ribs with hunters sauce
(Fagioli all'uccelletta) - Beans with Tuscan sausages and tomatoes sauce
(Bistecchine al vin santo) - Pork chops in vin santo sauce
(Filetto di maiale alle mele) - Pork tenderloin with green apples
(Filetto di maiale con prugne e noci) - Pork tenderloin with prunes and nut
(Filetto di maiale ripieno con castagne) - Pork tenderloin stuffed with chestnut
(Livornese baccalà)
(Melanzane alla parmigiana) - Baked eggplants with parmesan cheese and tomatoes sauce
(Agnello arrosto con patate) - Roast lamb with potatoes
(Agnello ripieno) - Stuffed lamb with artichokies parsley and garlic
(Coniglio alla cacciatora) - Rabbit with hunters sauce
(Coniglio arrosto) - Roast rabbit with potatoes
(Coniglio ripieno) - Stuffed rabbit with sausages, pine nuts,raisin grapes
(Anatra all'arancia) - Duck in orange
(Involtini ripieni) - Roll meat with tomatoes sauce and basil
(Melanzane alla menta) Eggplants with wild mint
(Teglia di patate cipolle pomodori e origano) - Baked mixed vegetables potatoes tomatoes onions and oregano
(Insalata mista) - Fresh seasonal salad
(Piselli alla fiorentina) - Florentine style peas
(Cannellini con pomodorini e cipollotti freschi) - Cannellini beans with cherry tomatoes and spring onions
(Verdure grigliate) - Grilled vegetables
(Patate arrosto con aromi dell'orto) - Roasted potatoes with garden herbs
(Insalata di pomodori con olive basilico origano) - Tomatoes salad with olives fresh basil and oregano
(Radicchio con pancetta) - Radich with fried Tuscan bacon
(Spinaci olio e limone) - Spinach with extra virgin oil and lemon
(Verdure ripiene) - Seasonal vegetables stuffed
(Asparagi con burro e parmigiano) - Asparagus with butter and parmesan cheese
(Caponata) - Seasonal vegetables with tomatoes sauce and basil
(Carciofi alla Toscana) - Tuscan artichokies
(Carotine al miele) - Baby carrots with honey
(Verdure miste fritte di stagione) - Fried mixed vegetables
(Insalata con gamberi e mele verdi ) - Shrimps salade and green apples
(Crostata con crema chantilly e fruttti di bosco) - Tart cream and fruit forest
Crostate con marmellata(frutti di bosco, albicocca, fragola, more, lamponi, mirtilli) - Tart with jam of (apricot, strawberry, fig, raspburry, blackberry, bluberry)
(Torta di pere e cioccolato) - Pears and chocolate cake
(Millefoglie) - Thousand leaves with cream and drops of chocolate or strawberry
(Torta della nonna) - Grand mother cake with cream and pinuts
(Torta del nonno) - Grand father cake with chocolate cream and almonds
(Torta di riso) - Rice cake good and simple
(Torta sacher) - Sacher cake with apricot jam all coveret with chocolate
(Torta semolino e nutella) - Semolino cake with nutella
(Torta con crema e nutella) - Tart with nutella and cream
Torta ricotta e cioccolato (fragole, mirtilli, uvetta) - Chocolate cake and ricotta cheese (raisin strawberry, bluberry)
(Torta meringa e cioccolato) - Pie with chocolate and meringue
Chocolate roll
(Pan di spagna con frutta fresca) - Sponge cake with cream and fresh fruit
(Bomboloni) - Tuscan donuts
Chocolate roll
Almond biscuits with vin santo wine
Spoon dessert with fruits of the forest
Peach and wine
Fresh local water melon
Tiramisu with orange and dark chocolate
Ice cream
Chef at Home



You have a dream…we make it reality! No matter if you live in Italy or abroad, just contact us and we’ll send you our Personal Chef to delight you in the comfort of your home. Remember that Italy has produced generations of brilliant chefs, so we have a strong culinary art education system that last in our gastronomic traditions. We offer you balanced and nutritious menus based around a variety of preferences. We can offer you luxurious villas or venues based on your desires. Our main aim is to meet your needs. We organize customized breakfast, lunch and dinner services, as well as cooking lessons and special events like weddings.


A cooking lesson can be an engaging experience that teaches you all about our culture. We are not only specialized in cooking lessons at home but we can also supply a suitable location to give the lessons if groups are numerous. We move throughout Italy and we mostly work with Americans, British, French, Dutch, Danes, Swedes ... customers. You get a hands-on cooking lesson experience with an experienced chef who will teach you the basics of our cuisine.
Remember as Kaplan says, "cooking is a sensual experience of tastes"
If you have special needs, we can customize your cooking lesson based not only on the Tuscan culinary tradition.


For more than 10 years we have been offering the top of our typical gastronomy as well as the one from every Italian region. All our dishes are prepared with the freshest local farm ingredients that would delight the most refined palates. We start out with a dinner preparation and end-up with an accurate cleaning. Our group is made up of a specialized team of professional cooks, experts in the Italian culinary art.



If you want to pick up some skills you can take home with you, just contact us and we’ll give you cooking lessons carried out with the supervision of a specialized chef and team work. It is wonderful to learn how to make the dishes, rather than just eat them. The “hands-on lessons” last approximately 4 hours where you will learn the basics of the Italian cooking, and at the end you’ll be able to taste what you have learnt and you will receive a personal certificate with a recipe book. During the lesson you will be guided through mixing, kneading and cooking techniques as well as storage tips. The dishes you will learn to cook are prepared with fresh local farm ingredients, perfectly portioned. Besides, if you are a “pasta lover”, you will be able to have an exclusive cooking lesson focused on the realization of different homemade pasta like tagliatelle, ravioli, tortellini, cannelloni, etc with their respective sauces. Mostly you will have a lot of fun and you’ll be surprised of your ability on making it!!!!
Note: the dishes presented in the cooking lessons may be changed according to your requirements.

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Chef Tuscany

About Me

I have had a love for cooking since I was a child while watching my mother cooking and my father picking fresh produce from our garden. Besides, I realized how the different cooking traditions were able to live together despite the fact my mother came from Friuli (north Italy) and my father from Calabria (south Italy). My passion grew more and more because of the mixture of these dishes that reminded me of my origins. I consider myself a passionate cook.
When my studies were over I travelled around the world picking up the traditions and cultures of the different countries. I worked as a touristic assistant at first and then as a holiday resort manager. One of my duties was to attend and manage the supervision of the kitchens where I worked; Tunisia, Egypt, Spain, Madagascar, Kenya, Austria, France, Switzerland, Slovenia and Greece.
Thanks to this experience and the passion that makes me alive, I am able to offer my customers unique and amazing dishes because they are very special to me and I’m strongly convinced that.
My goal is to create indelible memories regarding our Italian cuisine.


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